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  Welcome to DAP Group Ltd!

Dap Group Ltd is one of the leading Retail/Recruitment Consultants/Solution and IT Services provider.

Retail Services: Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
Dap Group Ltd. has been providing the Retail services in various regions of Canada. Contact HR Center at 587-645-3460 for more details

Recruitment Consultants/Solution and IT Services: Our specialists have several years of cumulative experience and expertise in IT, Technical Support and recruiting field. Our staff is dedicated to your success and are customer service specialists.

We deliver highly effective services. Our goal is to meet your challenge(s) with a dynamic solution to fit your business and pocketbook.

Investments: Invest with Dap Group Ltd and HBL in Retail industry. 100% Secured investment with guaranteed returns. Visit Investor relations page for more details



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"Dap Group Ltd helps companies anticipate and benefit from changes happening now and next in the contemporary world of work."

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